Maïmouna Guerresi,  is an Italian-Senegalese multimedia artist working with photography, sculpture, video and installation. Her work presents an intimate perspective on the spiritual ideas of human beings in relation to their inner mystical dimensions. Maïmouna’s images become an appreciation of a shared humanity beyond psychological, cultural and political boundaries.
The hybrid embrace of her work towards the spirituality and ancestry of African, Asian and European cultures mirrors her own embrace of globalization in art and life. Recurring metaphors milk, light, the hijab, trees and contrasting black and white create an awareness of the vital unifying qualities of Islamic spirituality
Using a hybrid visual language, Maïmouna communicates the beauty of cultural diversity, while contemplating the many issues around multiracial contemporary living. In his multifaceted creative expressions, such as photographs, sculptures, videos and installations, she imagines a global community that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.
Most of his works are dedicated to the female world in particular to the Muslim world, highlighting the strength and spiritual and cultural value that women can bring to society


 Maïmouna Guerresi has exhibited in prominent institutions such as the Venice Biennale at the Italian pavilion in 1982 and 1986, Documenta K18 in Kassel, Germany 1987; Mudima Foundation, Milan, Italy, 1999; Museum Contemporary III, Atlanta, USA 2004; Les Rencontres de Bamako, National Museum of Bamako Mali 2009; Central Electrique, Bruxelles, Belgium 2010; KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland 2011; Boghossian Foundation, Villa Empain, Bruxelles, Belgium 2011; Palazzo Ariosti Bevilacqua, Bologna, Italy 2011; National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India 2012; Sharjah Art Museum 2014; ; Bahrain National Museum, Manana; LACMA Museum, Los Angeles, USA 2016; I.M.A Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris 2018; MACAAL Museum, Marrakesh 2018; Musèe Mohammed VI, Art Moderne Et Contemporain, Rabat 2019; Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2019; Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington DC 2019; 13th Cairo Biennale, Cairo; and  International Festival of Photography as: Chobi Mela, Bangladesh ; Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos; Leica Oskar Barnack Award, SCoP, Shanghai Center of Photography Shanghai, China and Gallery Gongbech,  Jeju, South Korea.

Her work is included in private and public collections worldwide, including the Boghossian Foundation, Bruxelles, Belgium; Contemporary Art Museum Palazzo della Ragione, Verona, Italy; European Investment Bank, Luxembourg; Map Museum, Bangalore, India; M.I.A Minneapolis Institute of Art, USA; Foundation Alliances, Casablanca, Morocco; Cultural Institute of Islam, Paris, France; Paul G. Allen’s Private Art Collection, Seattle, WA, USA; 21c Museum Hotels Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, Seattle, WA,USA; LACMA Museum, Los Angeles, USA; Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, WA, USA.; Hood Museum of Art, Dart mouth Hanover, NH, USA.